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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Bridge lost souls to God, and believers of all nations to each other.

Our primary call of ministry is toward Iranian, Afghani and Pakistani Muslims, offering a “bridge” of hope through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, while working to provide a safe and loving environment for the needs of refugees coming from oppressed nations. We have many Muslims who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It goes without saying that these efforts require a great deal of time, education, bravery and accompanying miracles for a non-Christian to become a Christian. We often hear amazing testimonies from our fellow members about how Jesus Christ has changed their lives and how they were reborn after witnessing miracles and accepting Jesus as their Savior. A secondary call is to overcome the language barrier while still retaining the cultural distinctives in the lives of those to whom we minister. We are drawn to harmonizing English and Farsi together, to provide a sustainable and united fellowship where multi-generational families can attend one house together and where all feel refreshed by the Word and Spirit of God regardless of language preference. Our third call is to be the voice for the voiceless in the Middle East. We speak for those who suffer persecution and oppression for their faith in Christ due to Islamic laws.

Yeshua Askari and Khadijeh Baratzaedh-Askari

Khadijeh Baratzadeh-Askari was born in the south of Iran in an Islamic family. Then she moved to America in 1977 with her husband Yeshua Askari and their two years old son, Hirmand Askari. Her husband Yeshua started college to become a Mechanical Engineer. They settled in Oklahoma City and lived there for two years, but in 1979 her husband attended Sacramento University. Yeshua graduated in 1981 from Sac State with his mechanical engineering degree, but during their first two years in Oklahoma City, they were introduced to the doctrine of Marxism by some college students, who were Iranian and part of communist movement in Iran. She decided to join their organization. She radically got involved with that organization while her husband was pushing his education.

Khadijeh joined their monthly meeting at UC Berkeley and their monthly picket line in San Francisco and Sacramento State University. She also was hosting some of their meetings at her own house. She even traveled back to Iran in 1978 to distribute all kinds of books and ligatures in some of the universities in Iran and among people that she knew in which were all related to the doctrine of Communism by Marx and Lenin. After seven years, Islamic government of Iran found all of their communist leaders in Iran and executed them all. She was left with no organization.

It was in October of 1983 that she had a divine encounter with Jesus Christ in her dream. After she shared her dream with an American family, who were Christian, they invited her to their church in Penryn and there she received baptism of the Holy Spirit, which made her confess her faith in Christ Jesus as her savior. She shared her faith with her husband and they both decided to be baptized at that church by Pastor Bob Birch.

Khadijeh received her first call by God in 1998 to take the gospel of Christ to her Muslims people from Iran and all other Islamic countries. She was called as a woman to unveil women, who were under oppression of religion of Islam; and tear down the wall for women in ministry as a leader in God’s Church. She began her ministry in their house. That is why her Pastor, Ken Bluemel at Gate Way (Skyline) directed her to go to Bible College. It was in 2oo2 that she decided to attend EPIC Bible College. She graduated in 2017 with her master in Ethical Leadership. God opened many doors for her to expand her ministry among many churches of different nations. Then it was in March of 2013 that Pastor Don Proctor and his wife Pastor Christa Proctor, who are founder of City Pastor Fellowship, decided to ordain Khadijeh and her husband Yeshua as the Pastor of their church by gathering other City Pastors for their ordination.

God’s first call upon Khadijeh, was to preach the gospel to her people in their language, but also to others from other nations. God’s second call upon Khadijeh, was to gather believers of all nations in unity of the Spirit of God, to pray for healing, restorations, and reconciliation of all God’s broken people of all races and ethnicities. She was directed by God to gather them at Mt. Hazel (Nimbus Overlook State Park) annually every 9/11. God moved upon many City Leaders to join her at this Prayer Rally, which is titled, Nations Under CRY. C stands for the call of God, R stands for repentance, and Y stands for Yielding to the heart of God.

Now, she is also gathering believers of all nations at their house in Folsom every Saturday morning 7:00 am-9:00 am, to pray for healing and breakthrough of God’s broken people, our nation and all nations.

Khadijeh and Yeshua have a house fellowship in Folsom under the cover of Solid Rock Faith Center and leadership of Pastor Don and Sue Pritchard.

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